Grapeview Point Boat Works

Privacy Policy

We are Tom and Susanne Regan and we are the owners of Grapeview Point Boat Works. We appreciate you taking the time to look at our website. We want to let you know how we do business here. There is no fine print, no exceptions.

If you contact us, we will reply via email or telephone at your preference. That is the only use we make of your contact information. You will not be added to any list of any sort. No company emails, no newsletters, no "special offers that might be of interest to you."

If you order a product from our website, we will collect only information necessary to process your payment and ship your order. We will only contact you if there is an issue concerning your order.

We will not share your name or information with any other business without your express permission. We will not sell, loan, trade, or lease your information to anyone at any time. You will never be harrassed or pressured by a sales person and you will never receive unsolicited phone calls or emails.

We have website analytics on this site so we can see which pages are visited. The logs capture your computer's IP address (a standard internet identification number that all networked computers have). The logs may also identify the city, state, or country of our visitors. We make no attempt to track behavior patterns or identities of individuals who browse this site.

We do not share tracking or log information with any third party businesses. Although it has never happened, we would share log information with an authorized law enforcement agency if necessary to protect public or private safety or to comply with legal requirements in pursuit of criminal activity.

And that's it. We value your patronage and we respect your privacy. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please call us. We are happy to talk with you.

Please report any problems you encounter with this website to the webmaster at We appreciate the feedback.