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12’ Wee Rob Double Paddle Canoe


Length12 ft.
Beam 28 in.
Depth Sheer to Keel11 in.
Approx. Weight33 lbs.
Capacity200 lbs.
Iain Oughtred’s Wee Rob double paddle canoe
This lightweight canoe is ideal for the solo paddler who prefers an open boat.

This type of canoe was introduced in the mid-19th century. Paddlers in Europe and North America would take these boats down rivers and canals and across lakes and bays.

Iain Oughtred designed this version using modern materials and construction techniques, resulting in easier maintenance while maintaining traditional appearance.

At 33 pounds, these boats are easily transported on roof racks and carried up the beach.

The Wee Rob can easily be carried up the beach
The Wee Rob can easily be carried up the beach

The full bow enables the canoe to ride over the waves, rather than plunge through them. The hollow waterline forward transitions into a full stern, which prevents squatting when paddled hard. A small skeg faired into the sternpost aids tracking.

This lightweight canoe has substantial strength, with laminated inner and outer stems at bow and stern joined to an internal keelson and external keel.

To prevent chafe, brass half-oval extends from stem-head to sternpost. The bottom planking is further protected by bilge runners, also fitted with brass.

A 12' Wee Rob canoe
A 12' Wee Rob canoe

The laminated beams fore and aft and the spaced inwales faired into breasthooks at both bow and stern provide rigidity to the gunwales.

Floors and easily removed central floorboards provide additional rigidity and help keep occupants and gear dry.

With crowned breasthooks and beams and a gently sweeping sheer, the Wee Rob is an especially attractive boat from any angle.

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