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Building a Glued Lapstrake Tirrik

Page 8: Spars and rigging

Tirrik's oars and spars
Tirrik's oars and spars

We have rounded and rough sanded the mast, and then we made the sprit. It is planed smooth, and ready for rough sanding. First we want to fit the sail to the mast and see how long the sprit really needs to be. It's hard to judge from a 2-D drawing. We made the sprit longer than required so we could trim it to the best length.

The 8 1/2' oars are just about ready for sanding.

We have epoxied the underside of the decks, and have convinced ourselves that the Honda will fit through the available space in the deck framing. The chocks to support the motor's powerhead are installed in the locker, and padded.

The underside of Tirrik's decks
The underside of Tirrik's decks

The bronze chainplates are fitted, and holes are bored for the shrouds. We're thinking about alternatives to the stainless steel wire rope shrouds shown on the plans, wire rope is can be really hard on painted surfaces when riging and trailering. Maybe one of the new "zero stretch" synthetic ropes will be easier to live with.

The oarlock sockets are mortised into the mounting pads, and the whole shebang is fastened to the gunwale. This is really solid - they'll never come loose.

The forward and aft side benches are scarfed together to be one piece, which will add a bit of strength to the hull, and have been fastened to the knees and cleats that support them. These will not be glued, so maintenance will be easier.

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