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Building a Glued Lapstrake Tirrik

Page 7: Shaping the Centerboard and Fitting Out the Motor Well

Tirrik's centerboard ready for paint
Tirrik's centerboard ready for paint

Next we shaped the centerboard to a nice foil cross-section using a power plane, hand planes, and a disc sander. Then we cast the lead weight into a hole cut near its tip. After the lead cooled we planed the lead smooth, and we applied epoxy filler to the holes used to align the three layers of the centerboard, and also filled the edge of the lead, since it shrinks slightly as it cools.

We also added a teak pad to the inside of the motor well where the motor mounts bears. The teak will be unfinished, and will stand up to the abuse from removing and installing the motor better than the plywood.

We are working on the chocks to secure the motor in the locker. It's a bit tricky, lots of funny angles and not a lot of clearance to work with. But it is possible, and we should have it sorted out soon.

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