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Building a Glued Lapstrake Tirrik

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Tirrik's decks
Tirrik's decks

As you can see, the decks are cut and fitted, but not yet glued. We need to tidy up the interior just a bit, then paint, then the decks can go on.

Yesterday we worked on the rudder and the frame that runs from gunwale to gunwale, just ahead if the centerboard trunk. Initially we steam-bent an oak one, but it just wasn't fitting right, so we laminated one in place, and that did the trick. The shrouds will attach to chain plates that will be fastened to the frame. It'll be plenty strong.

Roughed out oars
Roughed out oars

We added the bracing under the foredeck to fit a forestay in the location indicated on the plans for Iain's rig, just to keep open our options open.

The mast is eight-sided now, and ready for sixteen-siding, then rounding over.

The rudder hardware has arrived from Classic Marine, nice castings.

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