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Building a Glued Lapstrake Tirrik

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The completed Tirrik
The completed Tirrik

Hot on the heels of "Freya", the Caledonia Yawl we just completed, our next commision is another of Iain Oughtred's designs, Tirrik.

The customer wanted a nimble yet stable sailing boat, one that could be easily trailered.

At 16'10" by 5'5", Tirrik is considerably smaller than the Caledonia, but features the same general hull shape.

She'll be rigged in style of a Norwegian "Oselvar", with sprit-rigged boomless main and a small jib. This will be made of tanbark cloth, by Nathaniel Wilson of Maine, who makes all of our sails.

The Tirrik will have a well for a 2hp Honda outboard, and will be fitted with optional fore and aft decks with stowage spaces that will be used to house the outboard when not in use. The compartments also provide additional buoyancy.

She'll sport a beaching rudder to facilitate launching, and a brass shoe to protect the keel.

The garboards with be sheathed with Dynel cloth and epoxy resin for additional protection as will the leading edges of the centerboard and rudder.

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