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Grapeview Point Boat Works' Tirrik


Length 16 ft. 10 in.
Beam 5 ft. 5 in.
Sail Area
Gunter Sloop: 108 sq ft
Lug: 97 sq ft
Approx. Weight 320 lbs.
Capacity 1-3 adults plus a couple of kids
The interior looking aft
Iain Oughred's Sailing Dinghy Tirrik

This double-ended beachboat was designed by Iain Oughtred to be easily rigged and sailed. Iain designed two rigs, a balanced lug and a gunter sloop.

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A Tirrik, a daysailer designed by Iain Oughtred
A Tirrik, a daysailer designed by Iain Oughtred

She has shallow draft, so with a beaching rudder and the centerboard raised, she can be easily sailed or rowed in shallow waters.

The Tirrik has a four-strake planking scheme, and comfortable side-benches.

She can be fitted with fore and aft decks which provide both stowage and buoyancy.

She has a brass shoe and half-oval to protect her stem and keel when being launched or pulled up on a beach.

The completed interior
The completed interior
Beaching rudder
Beaching rudder
The mizzen rigging
The mizzen rigging

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