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11ft. 2in. Shellback Dinghy


Length 11 ft. 2 in.
Beam 53in.
Daggerboard Up:7 in.
Daggerboard Down:27 in.
Approx. Weight
Rowing:100 lbs.
Sailing:125 lbs.
Sail Area54 sq ft.
Capacity 1-3 adults
Shellback Dinghy Interior
Shellback Dinghy Interior

Joel White’s Shellback dinghy is a nice combination of traditional appearance, fine performance and easy maintenance.

At just over 11 feet, the Shellback is large enough to carry a sizable load yet the modern construction results in a hull that is light enough to be easily car topped, loaded in the bed of a compact pickup truck, or carried up the beach.

Shellback Dinghy with Sail
Fun to row and sail, the Shellback Dinghy makes an excellent tender

Under sail, the Shellback is stable enough to be reassuring to novices, yet experienced sailors will appreciate the speed and responsiveness that led to the Shellback being raced in New England. The freestanding mast makes rigging for sail a snap - just slip the mast in place, hoist the yard with the halyard and tension the boom downhaul. When you are finished sailing, the sail rig stows easily within the hull.

The inherent strength of glued lapstrake construction creates a hull that doesn't require extensive framing. The uncluttered interior makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

Shellback Dinghy Mast Detail
Fun to row and sail, the Shellback Dinghy makes an excellent tender

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