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Building a Glued Lapstrake Rangeley Lake Boat

Page 7: Hanging Planks

And now:
Secrets of Boatbuilding Revealed!
or "How do they makes the planks meet flush at the ends?"

Gain in the garboard
This shows the gain in the garboard, which allows the following plank to lie flush at the bow

In case you were wondering, it's dirt simple. There are a few different ways to make it happen. We use the typical English method, which involves cutting a tapering rabbet in the plank previously hung. This is known as the gain. See the photo showing the gain in the garboard.

Flush planks
This shows the result after the next plank is hung

Other methods involve cutting the rabbet in both planks, or cutting a bevel on both planks. It all works out the same. There is a commercially built design out there for a 20' or so runabout that just piles the planks up at the bow, so there is a funny "Christmas tree" look to the stem when viewed bow on. It boggles the mind that somebody would so severely compromise the appearance of a lapstrake hull because of such a simple challenge.

The fourth strake gluing up
The fourth strake gluing up

We have completed one-half of the planking (the harder half), so now we're really cookin'. We are pleased with the lining off and the fit of the planking against the station molds, all is going according to plan.

Looking at the photos, you'll see that the fourth strake is hung, and the planks are getting narrower. In addition to the gains cut at each end of the planks, the upper edge of each strake is beveled for the next strake to fit against. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to wrap the planks around the curve of the hull without creating gaps.

The boat now has four strakes
The boat now has four strakes

The five plies in the planking material are good indicators of the amount of bevel attained, and once several short sections of the rolling bevel are established along the planking, the remaining areas can be planed, using the plies as a guide.

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