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Building a Glued Lapstrake Rangeley Lake Boat

Page 4: Setting Up the Station Molds

Setting up the station molds on the ladder frame
Setting up the station molds on the ladder frame

After the molds are complete, the next step is to set them up on the ladder frame.

The molds are all built with the cross-spall at a uniform height, so that when the rails of the ladder frame are planed straight and level, the molds are all on the same plane. A string is stretched very tightly down the middle of the ladder frame to establish a centerline to align the molds on that axis. A framing square is used to ensure the mold is square to the string, and vertical.

The ladder frame is where it will remain until the planking is completed, and the boat can come off the mold. The shop floor is uneven, so the legs of the ladder frame are shimmed to suit. The rails of the ladder frame were planed straight and true, establishing an accurate baseline for the station molds.

The ladder frame with all but one mold set up
The ladder frame with all but one mold set up

The molds are made rather tall to give a nice working height. The batten shows the actual sheerline. The batten runs nice and fair through the middle of the hull. We won’t know about the ends until the stem and sternpost are set up.

Setting up the molds is another task that has a big impact on future events. Time spent getting the lofting correct, and the station molds accurately built and set up pays dividends soon.

The 17” stretch makes for a large gap between stations four and five. Although there is little change in shape between these stations, we are going to make an additional mold to better support the keelson and planking as the boat is built.

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