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Building a Glued Lapstrake Rangeley Lake Boat

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The completed Rangeley Lake Boat!
The completed Rangeley Lake Boat!

This boat was commissioned by a customer who was looking for a double-ended lapstrake rowboat that can be rowed solo or double, and is stable enough for fishing, but still rows well.

The Rangeley Lake Boat originated about 1870 for use by professional fishing guides on Maine's Rangeley Lake chain.

The hull's fine ends, narrow beam and relatively flat bottom result in a boat that is easily rowed and has ample stability for fishing.

We used plans for a 14’7” Rangeley as a basis for this commission. The length was increased to 16’ and the freeboard was raised slightly. The thwarts will be repositioned to allow rowing double, with or without a passenger. Although the original Rangeley weighed 130 lbs., we will use glued lapstrake construction for this version, which will reduce the weight significantly, allowing this boat to be more easily cartopped.

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