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Grapeview Point Boat Works' Rangeley Lake Boat


Length 16 ft.
Beam 39 in.
Approx. Weight 100-120 lbs.
Capacity 1-3 adults
Grapeview Point Boat Works Rangeley Lake Boat
Grapeview Point Boat Works Rangeley Lake Boat

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We just completed a Rangeley Lake Boat. Click here to see photos of this project.

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Rangeley Lake Boat
Rangeley Lake Boat

This boat is based on a 1915 design by C.W. Barrett for use by guides who would row sportsmen on the Rangeley Lakes in western Maine. The guides needed a hull that was easily rowed, was capable of dealing with adverse weather, and was stable enough for fly-casting while standing.

The double-ended hull features a very fine waterline at the ends combined with a low deadrise bottom. The result is a boat that rows easily and has reassuring stability. To increase capacity and better fit rowing double, we stretched the original design to 16 feet.

Sternsheets with backrest
Sternsheets with backrest

As in the 1915 design, the passenger is treated to a comfortable seat with removable backrest.

Two rowing stations and removable floorboards
Two rowing stations and removable floorboards

This design features two rowing stations. She can be rowed as a single or double, with or without a passenger.

The floorboards are easily removed in two sections without tools to allow for easier cleaning of the interior. At the end of the day, just roll the Rangeley onto her gunwale and hose out the interior. The spaced inwale will allow sand and water to drain quickly and thoroughly.

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