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13 or 15 ft. Beach Pea Peapod


Length 13 ft. 15 ft.
Beam 52in. 52in.
C/B Up: 3 in. 3 in.
C/B Down: 18 in. 18 in.
Approx. Weight 125 lbs. 140 lbs.
Sail Area54 sq ft.58 sq ft.
Capacity 1-3 adults
15 Ft Beach Pea Peapod
The Peapod makes a marvelous tender for a larger vessel
13 ft. Peapod
13 ft. Peapod

Peapods were originally used in New England for lobstering and clamming before engines were practical in small boats.

Doug Hylan’s 15 ft Beach Pea Peapod
Doug Hylan’s 15 ft. Beach Pea Peapod

The Beach Pea is a much lighter boat and not as flat-bottomed as the working peapods of a century ago, since she doesn't have to earn her keep by carrying cargoes of lobsters and clams like her predecessors.

Many people have never rowed a boat that was designed primarily for use under oars. All too often boats are optimized for use with outboard motors, which is not compatible with good rowing characteristics.

Doug Hylan’s Beach Pea Peapod
Doug Hylan’s Beach Pea Peapod

The Beach Pea is a pleasure to row, since there is no transom to drag in the water. As a result, the Peapod moves easily through the water evenly when heavily loaded, including up to three adults.

Doug Hylan’s Beach Pea Peapod
Doug Hylan’s Beach Pea Peapod

Peapods have a reputation for being seaworthy for their size, and will get you though lumpy water with confidence.

This Doug Hylan design is our favorite tender.

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