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Tom Regan Named 2009 Maritime Person of the Year

Tom Regan - Boatbuilder
Tom Regan - Boatbuilder

Honor bestowed by the Olympia Wooden Boat Association (OWBA).

Allyn, May 1, 2009:

Grapeview Point Boat Works is pleased to announce that Tom Regan, owner and boat builder, has been named Maritime Person of the Year for 2009 by the Olympia Wooden Boat Association (OWBA). Each year, OWBA selects someone based on the following criteria:

“The recipient is an individual that has an avid interest and appreciation of wooden boats. One who has knowledge of or contributed to, its history, development and the preservation of the wood boat legacy and future.

Association members nominate and vote for the recipient who is honored as the Association's Maritime Person of the Year at the Sunday Awards Breakfast during the annual Olympia Wooden Boat Fair.”

Tom Regan is the owner of Grapeview Point Boat Works, a boat building, repair and maintenance business founded in 2002. Tom primarily builds wooden rowing and sailing craft up to 21’, although one of his current projects is a 21’ launch powered by an electric motor.

Having been hooked on sailing as a teen, Tom Regan was in and out of boating until 1987 when he purchased Twilight, a 30 ft gaff ketch built in 1935. One day in 2002, during a break in a 25 year career in electronics, Tom was rowing the boat he’d built. Another boater came alongside and asked who built the rowboat. Tom replied he did, which prompted the next question, “Do you make boats for other people?” Tom replied, “Sure!” and the next day got a business license which founded Grapeview Point Boat Works.

A series of sailing and double-paddle canoes were the start, leading to larger and more complex boats as timed passed. New boats are built with hardwood plywood planking with glued joints to ensure a leak-free hull. Most boats feature steam bent frames, a rabbeted stem and keel, and a traditional interior structure which provides strength and a visual interest that only a wooden hull can offer.

Tom primarily builds and restores boats in the winter and spring, and performs repairs, refinishing and systems installations year round on fiberglass and aluminum boats as well as wooden ones.