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15’8” MacGregor Double Paddle Sailing Canoe


Length 15 ft. 8 in.
Beam 31 in.
Depth Sheer to Keel12 in.
Approx. Weight
Hull: 66 lbs.
Sail Rig 19 lbs.
Lug Yawl Sail Area 57-62 sq ft.
Capacity 1 - 2 adults
Iain Oughtred’s MacGregor Canoe

In the late 19th century, John MacGregor popularized the decked, double paddle sailing canoe by writing about the international cruises he made in his canoe Rob Roy.

Iain Oughtred designed this updated canoe to employ modern construction methods and materials. Above the waterline, the hull is relatively full in the ends, which allows the canoe to rise over waves, rather than dive through them. Decking fore and aft and a cockpit coaming help to keep the cockpit dry.

Iain Oughtred's MacGregor Canoe
Iain Oughtred's MacGregor Canoe

The balanced lug rig is ideally suited to this type of boat, just as it was 120 years ago. The lug rig’s low center of effort, lightweight spars and ease of handling and reefing is as practical today as it was then.

The light narrow hull is very easily driven, and the MacGregor sails well even in ghosting conditions. As the wind builds, two reefs are available in the main, as well as one reef in the mizzen.

Interior of MacGregor Canoe
Interior of MacGregor Canoe

Leeboards are mounted on articulated pivots that allow the windward leeboard to remain lowered without causing undue stress to the hull. Of course, the windward leeboard may also be pivoted up out of the water to reduce drag slightly. The combination of leeboards and the beaching rudder allow the MacGregor to sail to windward in water that is less than knee-deep.

Steering is accomplished by foot operated rudder pedals, linked by control lines to a yoke at the rudder trunk. The pedals are adjustable fore and aft over an 8” range. The rudder blade, which floats to the beaching position, can be secured in the “down” position with the rudder downhaul, which leads to the cockpit.

The large cockpit opening enables the canoe to be easily boarded; the 31” beam enables the MacGregor to stand up to her sail area well. The MacGregor is well behaved, responsive and weatherly. Tacking is as easy as pushing a rudder pedal.

Sailors of all experience levels will enjoy this boat. Novices value the ease of sail handling, while experienced sailors appreciate the shoal draft capabilities and fine-tuning the interaction between the sails and leeboards. Everyone appreciates the timeless beauty of the hull and sail plan.

Detail of downhaul cleat - click for a larger view
Detail of downhaul cleat

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