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A Little About the Boats and Their Origins...

The Voyages of John MacGregor

John MacGregor (1825-1892) was a Scotsman of eclectic interests with a taste for adventure. An oarsman on an eight-man crew during his Cambridge University days, he developed a life-long passion for small boat paddling and cruising.

He searched for his ideal boat - one that was safe, portable and manageable. He wanted to face forward when paddling, using a double paddle similar to that of the kayaks of the natives of Kamchatka. He wanted a simple seaworthy design, small enough to fit in a railway carriage.


Development of the Rangeley Lake Boat

In the mid to late 1800s, it became common to retreat to the wilderness to enjoy fresh air, spectacular views and pristine waters, a decided contrast to the dirty and crowded cities of the time. Camps and resorts developed in New York and New England that offered hunting, fishing and other outdoor pursuits to the “sport” (an 1800’s term for a sportsman or sportswoman) of the day.

The Rangeley Lake Boat was developed around 1870 for use on the lakes of the Rangeley chain in western Maine. The Rangeley Lake Region is unlike other parts of Maine - big lakes, wide expanses, mountains, sparkling clear air, deep woods. The area offered excellent hunting and fishing.


The St.Lawrence River Skiff and Its Origins

This workboat is unique to the Thousand Islands region of the St. Lawrence River, near present day Clayton, NY. No one designed it it developed in response to the needs of the locals and the prevailing marine conditions in the area.

The Skiff was originally a clinker built, double-ended rowboat, eighteen feet long with a 42-inch beam. It was a workboat, first used as a sort of marine pickup truck, used to haul goods to and from the market.


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