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Custom-Built Small Boats

Grapeview Point Boat Works builds high quality small wooden craft that respect the values of traditional boat design, while incorporating modern materials and construction methods.

The resulting boats combine elegance and beauty with ease of maintenance, strength, and light weight. Perhaps most importantly, these are boats that owners will enjoy using. Whether designed for rowing, sailing or paddling, the greatest pleasure comes from a boat that is lovely to look at and a joy to use.

This website shows some of the boats we have built. We enjoy building designs that are new to us. Let's talk about what would best suit you.

Humble Bee built by Grapeview Point Boat Works
Retriever was built in 2008 to Iain Oughtred's "Humble Bee" pram design. Photo by Bill Bradley
We recently completed a modified Lake George Boat, based on the design of a boat in the Mystic Seaport Museum collection.
Some Boats We Build

Humble Bee
Lake George Boat
Rangeley Lake Boat
St. Lawrence River Skiff

Arctic Tern
Caledonia Yawl

Double-Paddle Canoes
Wee Rob

Electric Launches
Zimmer Launch
Left to right - building frame for Swallow, St. Lawrence River Skiff hanging from the rafters, and hull of the Zimmer Launch
Left to right - building frame for Swallow, St. Lawrence River Skiff hanging from the rafters, and hull of the Zimmer Launch

Grapeview Point Boat Works’ boat designs are created by marine architects working in traditional styles that hark back as far as the mid-1800s. Some of the key contemporary designers include Iain Oughtred of the UK and Joel White and Doug Hylan of Brooklyn, Maine. The architects share a common design aesthetic that avoids the trendy in favor of the tested and traditional.

We welcome plans from other eras and architects, and would be happy to discuss them with you. We consult with you to determine what type of boat would exactly suit your requirements.

We have more information about the history and development of some of the boats we build.

Rowboats and Rowing canoes

If rowing is your interest, how about a Peapod, Humble Bee, Lake George Boat, Rangeley Lake Boat, or a St. Lawrence River Skiff? These are boats designed for optimal rowing ability or for use as a tender to a larger vessel. Each has its own characteristics, so discuss with us what type of waters are in your area so we can help you select the most appropriate choice for you.

Doug Hylan's Peapod Doug Hylan's Peapod
Humble Bee Humble Bee

At under 8 feet, the Humble Bee is agile and manuevrable, making it a great option as a tender to a larger boat, or as a fun boat to explore your favorite lake or estuary.

Lake George Boat Lake George Boat

This boat is a glued lapstrake varient of the 1911 Lake George Boat "Winona" which is in the Mystic Seaport collection. Lake George Boats were recreational boats derived from the working Whitehalls. LGBs had a simpler and lighter construction than the Whitehalls, and also didn't feature their wineglass transoms.

Rangeley Lake Boat Rangeley Lake Boat

The Rangeley Lake Boat glides through the water with ease. This 16' boat can be rowed single or double, with or without a passenger, who gets to travel in style! The double-ended hull features a very fine waterline at the ends combined with a low deadrise bottom. The result is a boat that rows easily and has reassuring stability.

St. Lawrence River Skiff St. Lawrence River Skiff

The St. Lawrence River Skiff is for serious rowers. At 21 ft, it carries up to four adults and their gear. Ideal for extended voyages, because it rows so smoothly and easily. Like the Rangeley, it can be rowed single or double, and there are seats for passengers in both the bow and stern.

Sail/Row Boats

Or are you yearning for a small sailing dinghy that also rows well? An Iain Oughtred Acorn tender may be just the ticket. It can also serve as a tender to a larger vessel.

Pip, an Iain Oughtred Acorn Sailing Tender Acorn Sailing Tender

The petit Acorn will look great hanging comfortably from davits on the stern of your sailboat or powerboat.

An Iain Oughtred Artic Tern stretched to 19 ft. 4 in. An Iain Oughtred Artic Tern stretched to 19 ft. 4 in.

This quick and maneuverable boat is a six strake round-bilge hull. This gives it the appearance of the traditional Shetland yoals.

Designed as an 18 ft 2in boat, our customer prefered a longer version, so we stretched it to 19 ft. 4 in.

An Iain Oughtred Tirrik An Iain Oughtred Tirrik

The Tirrik daysailer at 16'10" can carry 4-5 adult passengers with ease.She can be rowed, sailed or motored with a small outboard.

An Andrew Wolstenholme Swallow An Andrew Wolstenholme Swallow

The delightful Swallow designed by Andrew Wolstenholme can carry up to 3 adult passengers. The shallow draft allows the boat to venture into interesting eddies and backwaters

An Iain Oughtred Caledonia Yawl Caledonia Yawl

If you have a larger crew, you might prefer the Caledonia Yawl designed by Iain Oughtred. This 19'6" sailing boat can carry up to 6 adult passengers, or several adults and a couple of kids and gear.

Double Paddle Canoes

Looking for a lightweight, easily transported, solo double paddle canoe? What about Iain Oughtred’s Stickleback Canoe or Wee Rob?

Iain Oughtred's Stickleback double paddle canoe Stickleback double paddle canoe
Iain Oughtred's Wee Rob double paddle canoe Wee Rob double paddle canoe

This lightweight canoe has substantial strength, with laminated inner and outer stems at bow and stern joined to an internal keelson and external keel.

Iain Oughtred MacGregor double paddle decked canoe MacGregor double paddle decked canoe

If you might have a companion aboard, the tandem MacGregor Canoe, also designed by Oughtred, is available decked or undecked, and with a sailing rig if desired.

Electric Launches

A 21 ft electric launch designed by Nelson Zimmer A 21 ft electric launch designed by Nelson Zimmer

For socializing and sightseeing with a group of friends and family, the classically styled, ultra-quiet Zimmer Electric Launch is the perfect option. Able to carry up to ten adults in comfort, it will travel at 5 kts for about 40 miles on a single charge.

Each Grapeview Point Boat Works boat is a unique vessel, built to your requirements. To ensure lasting value only the finest materials are used. All components are carefully fitted with an emphasis on proportion.

These boats are lightweight, but not flimsy. Careful attention to fit, grain direction, and species of wood result in boats that are long lived and beautiful.

When you are ready to discuss your project, please call us at (360) 277-9015 or send us an email at We look forward to working with you!

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