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Building a Glued Lapstrake Caledonia Yawl

Page 8: Inwales and Gunwales

Inwale bevel of the Caledonia Yawl
Inwale bevel of the Caledonia Yawl

With help from the future owners, weve gotten her turned over, so now its time to get started on the interior.

We've been cleaning up excess glue and have trimmed the sheer, and added the gunwales. We made the gunwales a bit larger than shown on the plans, the boat looks a little better, and the extra strength is welcome. In order to look "right", they are also tapered in both dimensions toward both ends of the boat. And in order to complicate things a bit, they also are beveled so that they don't tip down at their outboard edge as much. There are a lot of boats out there that don't bother with the details, and they just aren't as pretty as they could be. But they were quicker to build...

Now were working on the inwales, which are also tapered and beveled. We just finished gluing up the first layer, and will start in on some of the interior parts while the glue sets.

With the hull upright it is easier to imagine sailing along. Being so open, there is a lot of room for people and gear.

We screwed and glued on the last inwale section, so the entire gunwale assembly is completed. It is quite substantial, without being disproportionate, and will really stiffen up the upper edge of the hull.

The gunwale assembled
The gunwale assembled

The sheer turned out quite lovely, as you can see in the last photo.

Because each boat we build is unique, since we only build to a customer's specifications, we take a lot of pride in each boat. The materials and workmanship must be first-rate, but equally important, the boat has to be aesthetically right. By that we mean the various parts need to be proportionate to each other, and the shape of each part has to be fair and interesting, even if it means the job is more complex.

There are far too many boats out there where the aesthetics of boat details are either pushed aside in deference to making a buck, or simply not understood by the builder.

Life is too short to sail an ugly boat.

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