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Building a Glued Lapstrake Caledonia Yawl

Page 10: Floorboards

Floorboards for the Caledonia Yawl
Floorboards for the Caledonia Yawl

We've been working on the centerboard trunk, rudder trunk, floors and floorboards.

After we milled the floorboards, we placed them in the boat, and found that they were quite springy. We're not suprised since the floors are quite far apart to support the 1/2" thick floorboards.

We decided to add four floors between the existing ones, which will not only better support the floorboards, but will also make the stringers unnecessary. It will also be easier to clean than a boat with stringers. It's the way to go. Stringers are simpler, which is probably why Iain drew it that way.

Aft floorboards bent into place
Aft floorboards bent into place

The floorboards were too stiff to bend cold, so we steamed them to get the correct twist as they reach the ends of the boat, and also bent them to follow the curve of the bottom. It's nice to have a steambox at times like this. Half an hour in the steam, and they bent easily, they're cooling down now, with lead weights to hold them in position overnight.

Removable floorboards are really nice, but they require careful planning to fit well. They will lift out in several sections and meet at the middle of the centerboard trunk.

As you can see, the centerboard trunk is glued in place. The interior of the trunk is coated with two coats of epoxy mixed with graphite. It makes a nice hard, UV resistant, smooth surface that will minimize wear and won't ever need painting.

Centerboard of the Caledonia Yawl
Centerboard of the Caledonia Yawl

The rudder trunk has the same treatment.

The centerboard photo doesn't show the lead we poured Tuesday. We rolled the hull over a bit to make sure the geometry was correct, that the board swung to the right positions, and the top of the board exited the trunk top correctly, and provided a stop at both ends of the throw. It is all a bit complex, and although the lofting shows the basic arrangement, we felt better having seen it all together before we epoxied the trunk in place.

Nat Wilson says the sails are completed, and he shipped them this week. So we should see them soon!

Now we're cookin'!

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