Installing Gunwales and Floors on the Tirrik

The gunwales are on, but not the rub rails. I’ve been shaping the forward breasthook, it’s almost finished. The floors are fitted, but not yet glued in. I halved the spacing, it stiffens the bottom and supports the floorboards better. The trunk is in also.

When I built Grace, our Electric Launch, I installed rollers in the trusses of the shop to allow me to fit slings around hulls to turn them over. One of the best things I’ve done. Now I can turn the largest boat I can fit in my shop over single handed. And it is under full control.

Once upright I fuss with the sheer a bit. In this case the sheer was about 1/8″ high a couple feet aft of the stem. Clamping a batten to the sheer made a fair curve, and I trimmed the new profile. Much better.

The inwales are in two laminations, as shown on Iain Oughtred’s plans. Rather than taper both lams, I left the outboard lam full siding (width), and put all the taper into the inboard lam. The taper works out the same, and it’s a bit easier if you are sure you can bend the lams. Sapele can be a bear to bend. It takes most of the shop’s small clamps to glue these up.

The keel centerboard slot was cut with a router previously, so all I had to do to align the trunk was insert some temporary posts to center the trunk exactly over the slot. I think they’re still in there…

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