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Grapeview Point Boat Works' 7’10” Acorn Tender


Length 7 ft. 10 in.
Beam 50 in.
Daggerboard up 6 in.
Daggerboard down 25 in.
Approx. Weight 75-85 lbs.
Sail Area 42 sq ft.
Capacity 1 - 3 adults
Iain Oughtred's Acorn Sailing Tender
Iain Oughtred's Acorn Sailing Tender

Iain Oughtred’s Acorn Tender is a blend of classic beauty and modern day practicality.

The glued lapstrake construction eliminates the closely spaced frames of conventional construction, which makes cleaning and maintenance much easier. It also significantly reduces the weight of the boat.

The Acorn’s transom is tucked up clear of the waterline to reduce drag. The ample freeboard and firm bilges contribute to her ability to stand up to her balanced lug rig, while her hollow entry and efficient foils enable very good performance under sail.

The compact Acorn loads easily into the bed of a small pickup truck. When used as a tender to a larger craft, the Acorn can be readily secured on deck or hung on davits.

Acorn Sailing Tender
Acorn Sailing Tender
Acorn Sailing Tender
Richard in Pip, an Acorn Sailing Tender

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